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Mon, Feb 16, 2015 12:21 PM

Title Display Preferences Don't Work


I want all movie titles to be displayed in english, although I live in Croatia, Europe. No matter how much I fiddle with Title Display preferences on my Site Preferences page, I cannot get english titles in some cases. I log in, set Title Display Country to United States and Title Display Language to English, yet for some movies I'm still getting croatian titles.




By the way, titles in the example above display their english title when I use Original Titles, but I don't want to use Original Titles, because in those cases foreign movies will not be displayed in english, obviously.

PS. I tried akas.imdb.com. The behaviour is the same. Also, I tried several browsers.

PPS. When I check the "Show reference view (old title/name page layout)" in Site Preferences, then it works as intended, so it must be something about the new (not so new anymore) web layout!

Thank you

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