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Fri, Mar 16, 2018 4:26 AM


Thinking Out Loud - New IMDb All Episode Ratings List is Bad...And Hopefully Lots More Change will Come.

Let's just say I preferred the old list a lot more than the new one. It should not significantly bother anyone but still.

The repeated name of the show is so bad (and completely counterproductive) plus the name does not even change for shows like Spartacus and Atlanta (where some seasons had different names).
Seasons are replaced by year which is I don't know...
Many details likes total votes from old list are gone...Shifted to Detailed Mode which isn't exactly concise either.
Not really any new features added...I was personally hoping for (episode no./out of total episode) category...something that at least used to be seen in each episode Ratings Demographic breakdown list before....That way I did not have to calculate which would have been the 100th or 150th landmark episodes in a 240 episode list.

Or a category to remove the extra episodes from the list (like season 2 episode 0 or special the story so far type episodes), which should not be counted anyway...

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