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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 1:45 AM



The message : "The creator of this list has not enabled public viewing" though I made the list public


Thank you for having this platform so I can quickly get some help.

Fist of all : I have been using IMDB since 2016 and I never had any problem until now. So the website and the application are great. I wanted to point that out :) !

Here's the problem that I am currently having :

I made a list on IMDB in 2016.

I made it public so everyone can see it.

However, and since yesterday, others can't see my list. When they click on the URL, they can only see this message :

"The creator of this list has not enabled public viewing".

The same thing happens when people are visiting my profile and try to see my list.

Yet, I made sure many times... and the list is public (and it always was). So it looks like, the problem is coming from somewhere else.

I'm not a professional in the film industry. However, in my free time, I'm part of some "organizations" related to culture.

I share this list a lot & some of my friends are using it too.

That's why it is important for me that I can share my list to everyone.

The name of the list is : "Greatest Films Of All Time"

My user name is : florent_pandit

The URL is : https://www.imdb.com/list/ls033586892/

Also, I'm french & I live in France!

Thank you very much for your help!


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7 m ago

Hi there @florent_pandit  ,


First, I want to thank you for all these years that you have been with us.

We really appreciate it. 


I'm sorry to hear about the experience with your list (which is awesome), but I can confirm that I have fixed the problem and it is now visible for all to see.



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Wow! Awesome! :)

Thank you for your assistance!