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Sun, Dec 24, 2017 11:59 AM


The index on the right should have the features of the index on the left.

The index on the right (newer) should have the features of the index on the left (ancient).

That is "index" as in "table of contents". There is not really much more to express. It's a feature request. You either agree or you don't.

O, perhaps the devil is in the details, but apart from the nicer typeface and categorizations, the "more modern" module is very clearly lacking. Utility is the matter at hand, not aesthetics.


In both cases, the same "index" menu shows up (or would show up) in all the native destinations of the hyperlinks appearing within the menu itself. Countless websites and applications have stalking sidebar menus just like these. It's often a crucial part of the desktop experience, so getting it right is important.

We did not complain much about this throughout the years since 2010, but right now it has become more apparent than ever of how nice it would be to simply jump straight to a title's corresponding Amazon listing or to toggle a title's inclusion in Watchlist, from "additional details" pages like Full Cast and Crew, Release Dates, Official Sites, Company Credits, Filming Locations, Technical Specs, et cetera, for that title; no having to go back to the "main details" page of the title.


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