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Fri, Sep 30, 2022 6:48 AM



Technical problems with Brave browser

I use the Brave browser, v1.44.101.


IMDB did some update on 9/28/2022 or so and Brave is showing problems.

When I go to a movie, such as "Two Lovers" (2008) and go to its Full Cast section, the thumbnail photos of the actors/actresses are not shown.





I first thought this was because of a backend problem.  However, if I use a Chrome browser, the thumbnail photos of the actors/actresses are shown.





I took two Snippet screenshots of the difference.  One is of the screenshot when browsing IMDB.com by Brave, while the other is of the screenshot when browsing using Chrome.  Notice that the screenshot of the Chrome shows the thumbnails of the actors.

Also, if you go to an actor/actress page and they had different roles, you can't hide the roles.  For example, if you go to Anne Joyce's page, you can see that she worked in the Camera and Electrical Department for various movies so there's a section for these roles on her page.  You can Show/Hide these sections with the Chrome browser but you cannot with the Brave browser.  

Anybody else see this problem that IMDB.com has with the Brave browser?




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2 months ago

Hello there @Doomster,

IMDb is compatible with most common operating systems and modern web browsers, such as:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge

However, please note that Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer supported.

Since pages are designed to display the same on all browsers, we recommend the following to help remedy the problem:

  • If you have any browser plug-ins or ad blockers enabled on your browser, we recommend disabling these and returning to the site to confirm if this fixes the display issue. Ad blockers and plug-ins can change the appearance of our pages.
  • If the page didn’t load properly and the display of the page isn’t right, we recommend opening the same page in a private/incognito tab. If the display is correctly displayed in the private tab, we recommend clearing your browser cache and returning to IMDb.
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date.

Please let me know if I can offer you any further assistance.