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Tue, Apr 28, 2015 8:58 PM


Stop displaying movie titles with users' local language title..

Hello, I know that this problem has been mentioned repeatedly but still your programmers do nothing to overcome it...

Thousands of users want a movie to be displayed first with the World-wide (English title)
and then if exists, with the original title.....

Seriously, I am wondering, what does anybody gain anything by displaying movie titles with anybody's stupid local language translation title from geolocation?

But you somehow are forcing my local language title on me, from geolocation or something, even though nowhere was I asked to declare my nationality..
I even changed my Country of Residence to US, hoping to overcome this malfunction but still nothing....

It makes no sense that this keeps happening, especially since I have selected as a user,
Title display country: US
Title display language: English

A guy said that the way the site is programmed is only to consider the Title display country and not follow the Title display language in the user settings.
For example,
if United States is chosen in your settings, the system doesn't recognize it as a title that should be displayed to you, since it is Canadian....

I mean does this even make sense?
Is it so hard to change some lines of code???

Since everything is displayed based on the AKAs section,
why don't you just replace all this fuss with the Title display language:English and the
Title display countries:US, Canada, UK,
with the neat "World-wide (English title)" option?
And from now on, (apart from other languages) only offer this option for the English section..
This may solve everything and stop this problem from perpetuating....

if this is so hard, make the "Title display language" to actually work......
What does "this how it is programmed" means?
Change it!

And afterwards,
Is it so difficult to make 2 changes in your code?

Since I suspect that
Title display language: English (in the user's settings) == World-wide (English title) (in the AKAs )

Instead of having something like
If Chosen Title display language is non existent ==> Display Title of user's country (geolocation)

to this
-----------DISPLAY World-wide (English title) when there is one available (and not local language title)

If Chosen Title display language is non existent ==> Display World-wide (English title)

-----------DISPLAY Original title when there's no World-wide (English title) available

If World-wide (English title) is non existent ==> Display Original title

Someone has to do something about it already..
Just think of the thousands of users that will be pleased,
especially the hundred ones that posted this problem here and were "ignored"..

Also, does this make sense to anyone?

Title displayed: Furious Seven (2015)
when in the AKA section
USA (working title) (English title) Fast & Furious 7
USA (working title) Fast and Furious 7
USA (poster title) Furious 7

Title displayed: The Dark Knight (2008)
when in the AKA section
USA (working title) Batman Begins 2
USA (informal title) Batman: The Dark Knight
USA (IMAX version) The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience
USA (working title) Untitled Batman Begins Sequel
USA (fake working title) Winter Green

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