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Sat, Oct 1, 2022 9:47 AM



some spams

flagged this like a month ago, still not deleted: https://community-imdb.sprinklr.com/conversations/i-need-to-know/german-drama-version-of-while-you-were-sleeping/62fb4ffd72837f15dbbc2735?commentId=62fded1372837f15dbbc94fc

some of this user's spam posts are deleted but he edited another one of his posts to embed one again: https://community-imdb.sprinklr.com/users/6331da07afd77d3b0c7c05ad

surely he will add a spam link to his other post as well.

surely this irrelevant spam post (loan rejection?) will get a loan related spam link embedded soon as well, that's what common sense says: https://community-imdb.sprinklr.com/conversations/data-issues-policy-discussions/credit-not-adding-have-provided-evidence-your-contribution-has-been-declined/631e3d767c9b2b3f0b25e694?commentId=63215d8a7c9b2b3f0b267a17

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2 months ago

@mbmb  Thanks.  The accounts concerned have been blocked and all of their posts have been removed.