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Sun, Feb 14, 2021 2:16 PM


Show newest plot summaries


I have a question about plot summaries. Is there any way to display movies and TV series with most recently added plot summaries and synopsis?

For example, when I type in my browser, I can see most popular movies with plot summaries, but I want to get movies with newest added plots.

Is this even possible, or IMDB isn´t storing insert date of plot summaries?

Thanks for answer.




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9 days ago

Hi @xafun 

It doesn't appear that there is a way for ATS to perform the exact search you're looking for. 

As a work-around you could perform the following search with:

  • With Plot
  • MOVIEmeter of 1,000 or less
  • Sort by Release Date (desc)

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Hi @Taylor 

Thanks for answer, but I have another question. In ATS, where I can set MOVIEmeter information?

I can´t see this option there. Or it can be set only through URL addres?



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It's called "Popularity" in the search page.

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9 days ago

This is a fine idea in which ACT_1 might be interested.

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Hi!  @jeorj_euler 

My ideas are ... still waiting for 100,000 YES votes ? ?

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