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Wed, Jul 3, 2019 9:12 AM

Should this title appear in Search Autocomplete results?

After seeing an advertisement for a short film titled 73 Cows,
I entered that title into the search box:

I noticed that the initial Autocomplete results, as shown here,  did not list that title.

I can, of course, go to the search results page, and there the film will be listed:

That is sufficient — but still, I wonder if the title should be expected to appear in the initial  Autocomplete results?

As I recall from years ago, old implementations of Autocomplete often produced incomplete results.  Some time ago, the Autocomplete functionality was improved to provide better and more complete results than before. — So, given the improvements that have been made up to now, should the current implementation of Autocomplete be able to display this title?


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2 years ago

Hi, Nobody.

The titles marked as "Short" do not appear in the autocomplete, it is intended this way.

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Do you happen to know why that is?  I find it incredibly annoying.  Just curious.

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To mitigate the results from being diluted with too many false positives, probably. The vast majority of visitors to IMDb most likely are looking for feature-length movies when they punch information into the autocompletion field.

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This problem is welcome to discuss in the idea thread: