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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 7:59 PM

Seen - Feature on Title Series Pages No Longer Available (09/22/2020)

Seen - Feature on Title Series Pages No Longer Available (09/22/2020)


Effective 09/22/2020, the "How Much Have You Seen?" feature on IMDb will no longer be available on Title Series pages. For any existing interactions with "Seen", this can be viewed via


As always, we would welcome details of any feedback you have via this thread.


Thanks for using IMDb!


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a month ago

@ Taylor

? ?

Post this 

Seen - Feature on Title Series Pages No Longer Available (09/22/2020)









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a month ago

Oh, @Taylor , say it isn't so!

Just yesterday I was watching a series, marking off the episodes as I progressed.


Is "seen" going away from anything else? Name pages? Top/Bottom 250/100 pages?


Oddly, on the new page,

many of the titles being displayed are NOT coming up with a Seen star, and I don't think I've seen those titles. This shows 1 of each, and I'm sure I haven't seen the first one that has no star.


I see the first one has the note that I added it to Checkins at some point. It's certainly not there now. I don't use Checkins for films that I _HAVE_ watched. I use it to record a title I've found online, because we're able to add a comment from the title page. What a mess. An option to eliminate the Checkins entries that were not truly marked Seen would be nice. But this is going to be an historical document in a few days.


Are we going to get some method for marking things Seen without giving a numerical rating? An eleventh option on the ratings bar, perhaps?