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Sun, Dec 12, 2021 6:54 PM


[security issue] 100% core usage for each imdb movie tab since a couple of days

for the last couple of days i am experiencing a 100% core usage for each movie tab i have open on imdb on (latest) firefox (on linux). i can reproduce the problem consistently, ie it occurs each and every time.

while the imdb.com front page is ok, as soon as i load a page of some movie the following occurs while using the firefox' network inspector: at first the cpu usage goes down as the page is loaded and settled, the firefox task manager starts to report "low energy" usage for this tab; then for about 10 to 40 seconds (quite randomly, but always!) there's an http options request to api.graphql.imdb.com followed by several http post requests to the same url but then with several http get requests to m.media-amazon.com. at this point the tab goes into an overdrive and burns 100% of a cpu core, the task manager reporting full bar and "high". i suspect cryptocurrency miners are running in my browser at this point. can you please follow this up?

were your servers or your aws backends hacked via the log4j bug?

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