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Sat, Jul 14, 2018 9:51 AM


Season + Episode number in 'highest rated titles' overview

This has been posted in (at least) 2 other conversations (see and, but they are marked answered/solved, yet this is definitely not solved. (Nor do I think "we've changed it" and saying "we're planning on bringing it back" 5 months ago is a decent answer.)
I don't like opening new duplicate topics, but since I'm not getting an answer to my question (see 1st link), I don't really see any other option.

Anyway, as the title suggests and as posted in other threads, the old rating overview for a show included the season and episode number (see, yet the new one only shows its name and year. We've been told "the tech team is planning to add the season and episode number in the future", but that was 5 months ago. There was an announcement thread about 'updates to the ratings pages, but the updates stopped 4 months ago.So since I have no idea what the current status is, and since my question in the existing thread is being ignored/hasn't been seen, I see no other option than to ask the question/raise the problem again.

In short: is the season + episode number on the 'highest rated titles' overview for shows ever comping back and if so, when?

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