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Sun, May 1, 2022 5:40 AM



Searching for Freevee titles

I notice that no longer has an option under Instant Watch Options to search for titles available on IMDb TV -- because, as I just found out, IMDb TV has just been converted into a different service, Amazon Freevee.

Is there, or will there be, a similar way to search for titles available on Freevee? I'm particularly interested in searching for titles by year, so, for example, if I was looking for movies from 1953 that were available on IMDb TV, I used to be able to search for them. Is that kind of search possible, either in IMDb Advanced Title Search or on Amazon, or will it be possible soon?



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2 m ago

@gromit82  Thanks for the question.  It is still early days with respect to the change so we are unable to commit to what may or may not be possible here in the future, sorry.