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Fri, Apr 2, 2021 8:35 PM


Really messed up login but can't update it.. Apparently?

15 years old account with couple thousand ratings so really would like to keep it. Being movie buff, i have really grown attached to IMDB. However, my old email server has ceased to exist and i luckily had linked my account to Facebook years ago. So that's how i can login atm. However, now i can't delete my Facebook account as then i'll lose my login ability.

If i go to change the email, i get the OTP and enter it and all is fine until it asks me to enter the password. But i've logged in with Facebook so i don't remember the one (i guess i could spam manually every password i've used but i bet that'll get me blocked pretty quick..) And i obviously can't change the password because that would require me to get access now defunct email service.

So, do i really have to keep Facebook solely for login here or do i have any other way reset either my password or update my email? Because at the end of the day i don't trust much these automated linkings and if at some point there is a hitch, i'm shoot out of luck.

Any tips? Pointers..?

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