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Sun, Aug 16, 2015 4:25 AM

Ratings: Separate ratings for each season of a show is much more accurate.

Rating a tv series is so much more complicated than rating a movie. a movie has a beginning and an end, thus we can appraise it as a whole.  Which raises the issue with rating a current TV series; should we even rate shows which are still running, which are still telling their story? an example: Mr Robot. Hasn't even finished its first season, yet has a rating and a prestigious place in the top 250. Thus the accuracy of its rating is overshadowed by its fan following at the time of voting. Its like rating a movie after watching only the first 15 minutes. And to use a show like True Detective as an another example, where each season is like a separate story, and one is completely unconnected to the other. It would be more feasible to judge each story, that is, each season on its own merits.

Secondly, a more hypothetical question: how should we rate a TV series like The Simpsons? Obviously deserves a place in the discussion for most important TV series of all time. Yet firstly, its still going, so judging the entire series as a whole cant be done yet. Secondly, the amount of mediocre seasons FAR outweigh the amount of great seasons now, and yet people love the great seasons so much they will rate the show highly, even though these seasons are like 20% of the entire run. Which supports my aforementioned point, to have ratings for each season, rather than the shows run as a whole. 

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