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Wed, Nov 7, 2018 3:35 AM


Ratings: Scale the ratings to utilise the full 1 to 10 range

What do people think of the idea of scaling the ratings to utilise the full 1 to 10 spectrum?  Whether it's because people are nice, or because you are more likely to bother to rate a film that you like, almost all ratings are over 5.0.  Even the 100th worst rated movie in the entire database has a 4.1.  Exams are scaled so the average score is 50%, which makes the result more meaningful.  Or course TV would have to be scaled separately because TV shows are even more highly rated than movies.  IMDb is such a valuable data source, because there is nowhere else in the world where so many people contribute to rate the quality of a film.  This data would be more valuable if it was weighted correctly so the average rating is 5.0.


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