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Wed, Sep 30, 2015 12:45 PM

Ratings: Revise the rating system

I would like to request the addition of half stars to the rating system. I realise there are already posts about this, but I feel none of these really reflected what I would like. There are far too many times in my ratings that I find a title that is worthy of more than a 7, but not quite an 8. I think being able to rate it with 7.5 will solve this issue perfectly. In my research of other posts on this topic I have come across a number of arguments against this idea. Here is my rebuttal:

1. "It will give too many options."
Yes, there will be 20 options instead of 10. However, is 20 too many? I think 20 may be the most you would want to have. Any more and it will get too complicated. But 20 in itself is not too many. Also, I think it is different to give something a 7.5/10 for example, than it is to give something a 15/20. I think a 7.5 represents more of 7 that is better than an average 7, or even a title that is almost worthy of an 8 but not quite. Thus it isn't just another point smack bang in the middle of 7 and 8, but a point that doesn't fit one nor the other.

2. "I will have to re-rate all my titles."
If you really don't want to re-rate your titles, then don't. Personally, I find it quite fun to go through and revise my ratings, but I can understand that not everyone would find it fun and they don't have to. If you feel like you want to make your ratings more accurate but don't want to go through your ratings list, you can just do it gradually as you think of it or as you come across it. It's not the end of the world if your ratings aren't as accurate as possible. I'm sure that right now I have ratings that probably aren't exactly right. I may have something rated 6 that I probably liked more than I thought I did. But I'm not going to get worked up about it. I'll just fix whenever I think about it.

3. "It will make the IMDb user rating less accurate if some people have rated using whole stars and others with half-stars."
The IMDb user rating gives a good indication of whether people have liked a title, but it is definitely not accurate. How could it be? How can you define accurate when your using everyone's rating?
First of all, everyone's rating is just an opinion. One person may have hated a film and thus given it a 1. Another may have loved it and given it a 10. Are either of these ratings wrong? Of course not. I'm not sure of IMDb's algorithm but if these were the only two people to rate this film, the average that is shown on the site would probably be 5. Is this a wrong rating? No. Does it accurately represent whether a film is good or bad? Well, the person viewing this rating is going to have a completely different opinion again. They may see this rating of 5 and assume it is an average movie. But when they watch it they may actually love it, or utterly hate it, or actually think it deserves a 5.
Secondly, everyone's rating system is different. I for one have a system where each number kind of means a different thing, but for someone else, the numbers may mean something entirely different. Others (to go to the extreme) may only use 1 and 10 if they either liked something or didn't like it.
The point is, when you rate something, it is really only for yourself. Your rating my slightly affect the user rating on IMDb, but that is not going to affect someone else's view on the title.

So for those of us who would like to be able to give titles half-stars (and I'm sure there are plenty), we would most definitely appreciate this addition. For those that don't want it, ask yourself why you don't want it and really think about whether that is actually going to affect your own ratings. If you really don't want to use the half-star rating system, well, no one's forcing you to.

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