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Fri, Jan 5, 2018 4:44 AM


Ratings: Rating episodes vs. whole series

Less than 24 hours after the Series Premier of 9-1-1, 332 IMDB users had already rated the entire however-many-seasons/episodes-it'll-be show at 6.7. Only 127 went to the actual episode on the website or app to vote their rating, but those folks gave the episode a 7.5.Clearly people who might be impatient or quick to judge are rating entire TV series based on one show. I suppose it's possible that a few may be unaware that you can rate individual episodes.I feel that TV series should only have rating functionality on individual episode pages, and that entire series' ratings should be based on combining those. This will provide a more accurate depiction of IMDB users' overall sentiments about shows.

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