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Sat, Nov 26, 2016 11:59 PM


Ratings: Introduce Decimal Point System

When we choose our ratings, we're basing them on a 10-point system overall.

I would prefer a 10-point system for default reviews with an optional 100-point system when rating TV episodes for shows (6.9, 7.1, etc.) or for users with a more-defined review style.

I see my 6 & 7's for TV episodes match up with my 6 & 7 film ratings, and personally I'm basing these ratings on different factors. TV Rating 6 for me is just a 'slightly better than watchable".7 for me is a good TV episode, 8 is great.

Films gain or lose points based on fewer factors due to the lack of runtime, bad casting, directing, photography, etc. These reviews are based on single films and not ongoing series and may not be subject to as many fluctuating ratings.

For me, a TV show will have "up & down" episodes, some are well written and others are just filler for a season. When I rate these episodes with a solid number of 8, they appear alongside classic movies that may have faced a rating drop solely based on bad directing/cast, etc. 

My idea leads me to wanting either a more developed rating system being able to rate in the decimals or a separate color of rating system for TV programs.

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