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Sat, Oct 28, 2017 12:34 AM


Ratings: Add the option to rate and review series by season.

It's been suggested a lot, it would seem. But it would be an extremely useful feature to have the ability to rate and see a consensus on the quality of individual seasons of TV series.

TV has come a long way, and with a lot of online services releasing shows in entire seasons all at once, that grouping is becoming more and more common. People want to know how the second season of Stranger Things stacks up to the first.

This would also be incredibly useful in reviewing and rating anthology series. True Detective, for example, is widely agreed to have an amazing first season, but a lackluster second. Seeing as those seasons are two completely separate stories, it would be a lot more convenient and accurate to be able to judge them separately.

Hopefully someone on the IMDb team sees this. I think with the current TV climate, this would be a very simple, but very useful feature to add.

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