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Sun, Jan 14, 2018 11:35 PM


Profile page on Google Chrome

Regarding my profile page when using the Google Chrome browser. A problem started a few weeks ago. At first the page was showing a 'not secure' warning in the URL box, but this soon disappeared, but since then an odd problem is occurring. I use my profile page as my homepage, and if I click a link from my profile page and then click back to what would usually be a static page that doesn't need to refreshed, now it takes a long time to load the page. And also if you click and hold the back button the profile page is duplicated several times (See here in the top left of picture). 

This is making it very irritating and slow to use this page, as every time I click back to my profile it takes a long time to load and their are duplicate pages. I don't think this is a problem with the Chrome browser, as it's not duplicated on other browsers and there are no similar problems at all with other websites. Something has changed with the way IMDb codes the page or something. Why do these profiles take so long to load also? I have a fast connection and laptop, so that isn't the problem. Is anyone reading who uses the Chrome browser having the same problem? And can anyone from IMDb explain why this is happening?

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