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Thu, May 11, 2017 3:00 PM

Problem with my Advanced Search System

I want to have a list of movies with a specific actor, I put his name on the "Cast/Crew" section, but for some reason, I never get the full list of his movies.

I think the problem comes from the "List" section at the bottom, right above "Display Options", I don't know why, I have two boxes containing the titles of some of the lists I made with indications "Your Watchlist" and "Your Checkin List", and I'm supposed to either include or exclude these titles. I guess if I select the title "Movie With Coolest Disguise", I'll get as a result the one movie that is included in this list and features the actor I'm working on..

But I don't care about my lists, so I select no title, but then I don't get any result from my search and if I select all the lists even below the "exclude" and then click on search, I have a page with "No result Found" and in bold letters, a huge block of all the titles of the list I made, written one after another, I don't get it.

I can't even remove the titles from these lists. Anybody knows what the problem is?


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