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Mon, Jul 25, 2016 9:45 PM


Problem with advanced title search

Since today, when I search, for example, for the best movies with 6.9 rating, the results displays the movies in popularity order. The first place is the most popular 6.9 movie of the moment and not the movie which is closer to 7.0. 
And, for example, when I search for the best movies with a maximum 6.9 rating, the results apparently are in rating order, since the 6.8 movies are shown below the 6.9 movies. But the groups of movies with 6.9, 6.8 and so on, when isolated, are in popularity order. Please, fix it, since there is a great difference between an almost 7.0 movie and an almost 6.8 movie and I like to know which is which. 
Thanks and sorry for my english. 

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