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Wed, Jan 17, 2018 8:42 PM


Prime list not up2date (again, and again)

For 2 weeks the prime list is not up2date. It's completely wrong. At least for my location: Germany.

If I use the advanced title search for "most voted films I haven't seen yet, which are free with Prime", I get the following results:

1.) Reservoir Dogs --> not free with prime germany
2.) Requiem for a Dream --> not free
3.) Avernger 2: Age of Ultron --> not free
4.) Arrival --> not free
5.) Nigtcrawler --> not free
6.) Band of Brothers --> not free
7.) Pearl Harbor --> not free
8.) Total Recall (1990) --> not free
9.) Hannibal --> not free
10.) 10 Cloverfield Lane --> FFRRRREEEEEEEE

Would be nice, if you could report this bug, find the mistake and make an update.


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