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Sun, Nov 21, 2021 7:51 PM


Not all Titles are coming up in title searches under collaborations

When I search to see what films both Martin Cambell (I) and Carlotta Barrow worked on, I get two results, Eskimo Nell (1975) and The Love Box (1972).


I do not get The Sex Thief (1973) in the results. Incidently, when I seach for 'The Sex Thief (1973)' or even 'Sex Thief (1973) the US title, I do not get the film come up as a result. It is an adult sex comedy but so is The Love Box. There is a possibility that the IMDb has gievn The Sex Thief as status that prevents it coming up in a search. If that is so, how can youi tell which titles are affected by this?

Also, if that is so, as the title displays on the name page for Martin Cambell and on the name page for Carlotta Barrow, why would you not want people to know that they worked together on the film?




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6 d ago

Hello @jamesmmm,


I've reviewed this and confirmed that Martin Campbell (I) and Carlotta Barrow do share three titles, Eskimo Nell (1975)The Sex Thief (1973), and The Love Box (1972) but due to the adult/"X" rating on Sex Thief, the title is not displayed in the search results.

If you want to include adult results, you are welcome to include &adult=include at the end of your URL, or use this search: https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?roles=nm0057849,nm0132709&title_type=feature,tv_[…]ie,tv_special,mini_series,documentary,game,short&adult=include