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Tue, May 14, 2013 3:55 AM

No more spoilers on IMDB pages, please

Please do a better job of policing spoilers. This is applicable to the main movie title pages on IMDB.com. Last summer, a few days after Dark Knight Rises opened I clicked on the movie to see what the users rated it our of 10. I had not seen the movie yet (not unreasonable, because it was only open a few days). I scrolled down a bit, my eye was caught by Marion Cotillard's name. And it said next to the name that she was "Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul. That is a major spoiler, because it revealed that she was the bad guy. Very disappointing considering it's supposed to be a twist.

Now, a few minutes ago. I clicked on the Star Trek Into Darkness page, once again to see what it was rated out of 10. My eye was drawn to the first name on the list--Benedict Cumberbatch and the character name was Kahn. This movie has been shrouded with secrecy. The trailers never said that he was Kahn. That is a spoiler. I don't know to what extent it's a spoiler. I do know that JJ Abrams and all of the actors and writers have kept this a secret. I am very disappointed that I know for a fact that he's Kahn. Even if they probably reveal it towards the beginning of the movie. Now I know how Kirk felt in Wrath of Kahn when he was left on Genesis by Kahn. KAAAAHHHHNNNN!!!!! Also, spoiler alert--Spock dies at the end of Wrath of Kahn (how did that feel?).

It was not unreasonable for me to click on the movie page and not expect to see spoilers. The movie hasn't even opened yet in the U.S. And it is crazy that Benedict Cumberbatch is first billed when the heroes are the Crew (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, etc.) If his name had just been further down the list I wouldn't have noticed it. And I'd be spoiler free right now.

To remedy this problem, why not have something that says --spoiler alert-- over the character name when it's supposed to be a secret or a twist. Then if the user scrolls over --spoiler alert-- it reveals the name of the character. This simple thing would have saved me from being spoiled on two major summer blockbusters. I am very disappointed in the website for not doing a better job policing spoilers. If this isn't remedied, I am going to have to rely less on IMDB.com for movie news (currently I check it at least once a day and usually more).

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