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Sun, Sep 26, 2021 9:17 PM

New series reminder

To whom it may concern,

is there a way for IMDB to send you a reminder of when new series from your favourite shows are about to start? Like if you click on a series and there’s a reminder button, so that a day before a new series is about to start, IMDB can notify you?

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22 d ago

@Jgdengland  If you live in the US, simply add the titles to your watchlist and ensure you opt-in for Watchlist notifications as explained on https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/general-information/site-preferences/GDL9NWJRKWRH5L6K 

  • Watchlisted Show on Tonight - When a show from your Watchlist is airing, we will send you a short message.
  • Watchlisted Movies in Wide Release - When a movie on your Watchlist is about to release, we will send you a short message.

Hope this helps.