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Fri, Dec 22, 2017 4:38 PM


Name Pages: Show all / hide


since the old-view of the Name pages was shut off somewhere this week, I finally have to us the new layout (unfortunately). Anyway, I identified following annoying problem:

There should be an option on the site preferences like there is (or as I just found out was) for the Title pages "always show full credits", so you always are in the "show all" mode when you open a name page.

It's very annoying if you want to check if someone i.e. only appeared as an actor in the movie or if he also produced the flic and you found out I searched, but the information was hidden.

In addition, once you checked something on a listed movie and you use the back button to go back to the actor's page, you're in the "hide" mode again.

For a more visual description of the second issue, check out this actor:
It for some strange reason only brings up the producer credits when you open it (also he's, according to the number of credits, mainly an actor?!).

You now need to check something on i.e. Actor Credit "Modern Family":
so you first have to press the "show all" button (or the "Show" button on Actor-section), then you click on the "Modern Family" episode or series. then use the "Back"-button on the browser.
You now are in the middle of nowhere of the name page.

So if you want to continue to check something on the actor, you need to scroll back up again, press the "Show all" button...

If you want to check several things on an actor and need to click in a few movies, this get's very annoying.


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