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Sun, Feb 21, 2021 2:07 PM

Name of the finest Indian actors are not in your list of '100 greatest actors of all time'. So, why this happened?

Many of the finest Indian actors do not have their names on this list. Especially, Mohanlal sir and Mammoty sir, both of them have done 400+ movies in the film industry, which irreplaceable by means in this industry. The movie 'Kerala Varma Pazhashiraja', have got an international recognition, and his performance was undoubtedly better than many of lead actors in the Avengers franchise. Been an international org. of the film industry, you should have seen this film, and if you have seen this film then I am sure you will be forced to put up his among the list. The same goes with Mohanlal sir, his performance from Malayalam movie 'Kireedam',is not unnoticed by the entire film industry of India.

Many actors such Kamal Haasan sir, Amitabh Bachchan sir etc. are prime gems of the entire film industry of India, their performances have had been noticed by the Queen Of England, in the past.

I hope my views will be considered by you.


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jeorj is asking for the URL of the list you discuss.

It's very likely to be the list of an individual user, not an IMDb Editor.

Here are the results when I google the list title you quoted, and none of the first 10 results are from IMDb staff, only from private users expressing their opinions/preferences.


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And remember this

Size does not matter!
It's not how many you made.

It's how many were made that were good.

Marlon Brando only made 47 screen appearances.

Danny Trejo has been in 396 titles and still counting.

While I love them both, there is no way that Danny beats Marlon just because he has been in more titles. Choosing the Top 100 based on that criteria is a poor way to determine the best Indian Cinema has to offer. I would not expect anyone using a size only, more is better  attitude in determining what and who is the best.


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@Karen_P I really value your opinion and I hope you do have taste for films. For your clarification, I didn't mean that the actors I mentioned should be listed among the Top 100 because they have acted 400+ movies.

Let me detail it for you, inorder to complete 400+ movies it takes a time of more than 4 decades, that is they have an acting  experience of more than 4 decades. For the past 4 decades the film industry have changed a lot, from way of directing a movie to the taste for movies in the society. Considering all these changes they should have easily been outdated in this volatile industry. But both of the actors still remains in the top for the past decades, because of their continuous effort to be updated, even they are playing small guest role they work hard to make it as precise it can be. I really value their dedication to put forward such an effort continuously for the past 4 decades.

But since I value your opinion and as you said that number of movies doesn't relate to the acting skills, I recommend you 6 movies each of both of these actors, if you value your opinion and your taste for films just watch it and later come to an agreement.


1. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (1998)

2. Ponthan Mada (1994)

3. Vidheyan (1994)

4. Mathilukal (1989)

5. Oru Vadakan Veeragatha (1989)

6. Peranbu (2019)


1. Kireedam (1989)

2. Vanaprastham (1999)

3. Iruvar (1999) 

4. Devasuram (1993) 

5. Bharatham (1991) 

6. Thanmathra (2005)


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The problem with Mammootty is that he is just like John Wayne. One dimensional. Add to that the problem that he really was still in learning mode post 2000. After that from 2001-2010 he made some decent movies provided he stuck to roles inside his wheelhouse. But being a typical actor that becomes popular he was indiscriminate in taking roles. Thus he would act in anything that came his way. So he was in far too many poorly written and directed movies. This was evident in most of the 2010s. He was more of a marketing tool for producers. If you got Mammootty, you got instant moviegoers!! Very sad way to make a movie..........

Mohanlal on the other hand can play a more varied repertoire of characters and is to me a more complete actor. He is more like Brando. Multidimensional. But just like Mammootty, Mohanlal suffers from the lack to resist the temptation to act in almost everything thrown his way and is also a marketing tool for producers.

So this signing on by both actors to projects that they should say no to has hurt the reputations of both of these actors. On the world stage that is. In their homeland, they are Kings!!!