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Wed, Oct 16, 2013 1:07 AM

Message boards: prevent users from deleting posts and renaming accounts.

Both, post deletion and account renaming, favor trolls. Look at these two accounts for example

These have recently been used to impersonate and stalk other users across boards. Then been wiped and renamed. And are now sitting idle, presumably for a month or two, before being again put to malicious use.

Details about the impersonation issue can be found here btw:

So what's happening here is that trolls reuse accounts over and over again to harm regular users. I believe that's what account verification was meant to prevent yet it doesn't.

This kind of malicious account reuse could be prevented if deletion of posts was disabled. And renaming prohibited.

Would this harm the regular user? I believe not. I've never had any reason to delete any of my posts myself. And have never renamed the account I'm posting with. And I'm seeing no reason why I ever should.

Please give this some consideration. It would give the troll a substantially harder time on IMDB.

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