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Tue, Mar 12, 2013 6:38 PM


Lists: Add SEO-friendly URLs for lists

The general explanation is here: lists currently have the basic clean structure (no querystring) but it is possible to push this further to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) with a keyword-laden slug, making it a semantic URL that can be easily read, understood and typed: example, my torture porn list is #2 at for the search: #3 at the .com: currently being blacklisted, so there are few internal links from within IMDB (which would tend to boost search engine rankings):, other lists rank lower on search results and a little SEO-focused tweak could help improve their results. This is important for IMDB itself because lists help drive traffic into the site by grouping films into categories people might be looking for (I often find an IMDB list when looking for types of films - best children's films, etc.) - I use the example of my torture porn list as it is my most popular (300+ visits a day, not up there with some of the bog lists, but not bad) and yet because of its lowered visibility withing IMDB, the bulk of that traffic is coming from search engines. So that is 100k+ people that have arrived at IMDB who might have ended up elsewhere.There are two ways of implementing it:* The simplest link format would be to allow people to claim a specific slug that could be entered in the list settings box - it is human readable and easy to remember:* You can keep the ID and have the slug as an option extra - it is almost impossible for someone to remember but does mean that more than one list can have the same slug (and being optional, it wouldn't require much server side coding, other than a form field to enter the slug and a field in the table to store it, no extra SQL ): use the second structure so these links are effectively the same: is just that the first one is the one that is used on the site and helps get keywords into the link, while the second the most stripped down link you can have which contains the ASIN/ISBN that is the vital part of the URL, the ID that pulls out the detailsThis won't work: clean URLs with keyword-laden slugs improve a list's search rankings and that would help drive more visitors into IMDB. There are two ways of doing it, one would make it easier for people to remember, the other would be the easiest to implement. Either should help increase traffic.


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