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Fri, Mar 29, 2013 1:58 PM


Lists: Add people to lists directly from name pages

When i want to add an actor, actress or director to my people list, i have to go and edit list and search after that i could add those people. It's very difficult and long to do that. There should be a button like watchlist on people's page too. But there's no button yet. You should definitely add such a thing to the people's page.


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6 m ago

I know that with the mobile device IMDb app, I can very quickly add films, tv shows, or people to various lists.

I can't seem to find this easy functionality on the IMDBb website when browsing from a computer.

To do this from a computer, it seems that I have to go to my profile, lists, then edit list and so forth.  Many more steps.  Am I missing something simple on this?

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