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Mon, Mar 27, 2017 12:24 PM


Improving algorithm for finding great lists

Currently the algorithm that selects which lists to show, e.g. beside an actors IMDb page is essentially useless. Yesterday I looked at Jake Gyllenhaal and a genius had made a list of the top 20 actors which showed up first on the right hand side. On top of the list was Adam Sandler as nr 1...

1. Sure lists are subjective. But maybe the algorithm used by IMDb for choosing the lists to promote isn't really optimal? Because it looked to me as it was biased toward idiots, while the ideally people with smart, funny, knowledgable, and thoughtful lists should be promoted. At least, these are the once I like to read.

2. An indication of the sub optimality (read: f*cked up) algorithm may be that all the lists displayed contained very few actors. Essentially max 20. Don't tell me the algorithm ranks higher lists with few actors, i.e. increase probability of showing up?

3. If you only collect positive feedback of lists, such as retweets, you might end up with only promoting lists which contains only "the most popular" actors or movies for the moment. The equivalent of Kim Kardashians tweets. At least add the possibility to vote down useless lists.

** end of rant **

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