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Sun, Mar 22, 2015 2:33 PM


IMDB Moderators completely ignore this community

If you go to ideas and arrange by me too's you get a list of the features that the most engaged users would like to see implemented on IMDB.

The top 5 ideas is still not implemented. The don't even have a status. 

If IMDB want to engage users the really need to be more active.

Or if they dont want to listen they might as well shut the whole thing down..    




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6 years ago

Sorry that you feel this way, but this could be a matter of timing or a misunderstanding.  

We have been working on the "Ideas" section this weekend and you may have caught things while we were in the middle of merging and re-tagging various messages.  This is largely complete now. As part of the clean-up we now only tag ideas as "Planned" if there is an active ticket in our internal systems to address the idea.

The current statistics are that there are 1,064 ideas for IMDb in Get Satisfaction. 277 have already been implemented, either because we saw the suggestion and implemented it or the feature already existed at the time it was suggested. 62 are not planned because we know they are not possible or would have (unforeseen by the user) negative consequences. 9 are planned. 716 have no status which means that they were not immediately rejected and have the potential to be promoted to implementation. We have also expired some ideas from the system long after implementation so the number of implemented ideas is actually greater; the open list can therefore give the wrong impression of what has been fixed / built.

Finally, the various IMDb teams do look at these ideas regularly and the number of votes does matter, however, each team also has its own roadmap of features which may or may not have originated from Get Satisfaction as it is only one way in which we assess customer needs.  It can therefore take time before bandwidth is available to implement each idea. For example, the content team have a massive effort underway at the moment to implement the idea behind which solves a huge number of customer issues.

Hope this helps explain the situation.