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Tue, Mar 3, 2015 11:12 PM


imdb compare glitch

Imdb compare has not worked properly for over 4 months now. When I tried to bring the glitch to the admins'  attention on imdb information board, I was pointedly ignored (thanks for that, btw)... Anyway,  it shows the 'ratings in common' and the big bolded number on the left as normal, but the 'liked less/more than you' sections no longer work. They keep showing me that I rated 20 movies higher and 20 movies lower on everyone's profile, even though it makes no mathematical sense whatsoever. Here's an example from a random user profile I clicked on:

Rated 649 of the same titles.

Similar ratings for 495 of them.

Thinks another 20 are better.

Thinks 20 are worse"

I liked this feature, so it's frustrating that such a seemingly minor glitch is being allowed to ruin it. Are there no plans to fix this?

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