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Wed, Dec 18, 2013 8:19 PM


I'm not "interested" in this title! Stop recommending me things based on that premise.

My recommendations queue shows me items that it thinks I may like because of my "interest" in some other titles. Some of the times it's true, but other times it's just ridiculous. For example, when I rate a series X 5/10 and then I get recommended a bunch of other stuff because I was "interested" in X.

Once I even tried to rate all the stuff I don't like 1/10 on purpose so that it wouldn't show up, but it kept coming, which contradicts all logic. Not everything I've seen I'm actually interested in (or had been prior to seeing).

I should then be able to have an option to mark that pesky title "not interesting", so the site would stop recommending me other titles like it.

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