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Fri, Jul 19, 2013 5:31 AM


Ignoring Law regarding the real name of a performer, which IMBD knows, as it is bad for AMAZON

Amazon and the IMBD know full well the history of Joseph Toner and who he is. He changed Broadway and music more than any one person ever. He was too important and Catholic at the wrong time. He knew Ford was a Nazi sympathizer. FDR died and the game was up. His movies were destroyed. His creations ruined. The true wealth of his works left in small amounts and what he did with Gershwin or Berlin or anything not imortant to Rodgers/Hammerstein, well, it was never brought back. But it is in the Archives and it will be brought back and you will rue the day you denied who this man is. Ford only took his early works as much as that is. Not ONE opera is left. You know who he is and some woman comes along and complains so you will not use his real name? his STAGE NAME?
Then you are worthless. And liars and you deserve the suit that GE is going to get, or you can start to act like a real professional organization, rather than this coverup all these years later. There is no face for the disgust I have for you.

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