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Sat, May 17, 2014 4:34 AM


IDEA: IMDB must have filters similar to Ecommerce website

  you all might have visited various ecommerce website.At the left hand side you will find filters to refine your is an example for similar functionality which can be implemented on IMDB.when ever a person searches for movies let take genre as eg.
1.i searched for movie with genre action 
finding lots of movies i decide to watch movie with good user rating
2.So i sort it according to user rating
but to my suprise i get results including "short films","TV serials",etc
hence to find movie to watch i have to search throu a large list of movies.

So i m suggesting is:
if there would be filters as in "movies","TV serials", "short film " etc
then filers to select a range of user rating like rating >8  
and many more things can be done which will ease the access




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6 years ago

You're describing "Advanced Title Search."

At the search box, change "all" to "advanced search."  Then choose "Advanced Title Search" and choose what to include/exclude.