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Thu, Dec 30, 2021 4:55 AM



I forgot my password and my email address no longer exists

My account under an old hotmail email address - an IMDB account I had for 18 years - at some point a couple of months ago I forgot the password. I thought I had previously updated the email address to a more current gmail account, but I guess I hadn't. So when I clicked "forgot password" it sent a recovery email to an address that no longer exists because the hotmail.com domain was shut down by Microsoft some years back. I had been logging into IMDB off and on for years under saved credentials so it wasn't a problem. I'm not sure why, one day out of the blue, I couldn't log in but nevertheless I had to hit "forgot password" and again, because I thought I had updated the email previously, I never received it. I've just hit the forgot password again now out of desperation. I really want that account back as I had rated thousands of movies! I can't stand to think of losing that data. Is there anything I can do to recover that account? (I have since setup a new account with my Yahoo version of the email address). If that account is permanently lost is there any way I can port over the ratings to my new account? That would be tremendously helpful.




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Hi @Mannequin3D ,


For the protection of our users, the forgotten password link can only be sent to the email registered to the IMDb account.


Unless you remember the password you set, you'll need to register for a new IMDb account with your new email.


Unfortunately, we have no way to export your ratings from one account to another.