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Mon, Nov 23, 2015 9:28 AM

How to merge existing information (true information) on me with an account that I just made, while still using my own name!

My name is Debora Paik. Director Young Man Kang added my name and information here He told me to create an IMDB account, so I did. Here it is Now the problem is that I cannot merge these two. Can you please let me know how I can merge these two? I want my name to be Debora Paik and not "debora-31014" like it says right now. Thank you




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5 y ago

Those are two very different things and cannot be merged. The first is a NAME PAGE (see /name/ the link) and it links to the page where credits are listed for film and/or TV appearances . The second is a USER PROFILE (see /user/ the link) and it is the "account" profile page for you as a user of IMDb. It is the USER ACCOUNT that you would sign into that will enable you to add credits, post on message boards, rate films, etc.

If you are an IMDb Pro Member then you can "Claim Your Name Page" and create a resume, upload photos, etc.

I hope this has explained it. If you are still unsure, please post your reply here and I or someone else will be happy to assist.