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Monday, November 7th, 2022 12:13 AM



How do I opt in to beta testing?

​Do I need to pay with IMDb Pro?​

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5 months ago

Hi, Tzx613. While there may sometimes be β testing pertaining to features exclusive to IMDbPro, often that is not the case, therefore no IMDbPro subscription is needed. For most of the registered visitors to the IMDb site, the ones who wind up involved in any β testing at one time or another do not experience a given situation of such a kind as a regular occupation. With that in mind, there is no fixed way to opt in, generally. Instead, an IMDb member would be solicited—via e-mail or directly in the interface of the website or app—to participate for a short period of time. Rarely, an announcement about an opportunity to participate for a likewise short period of time will show up on this very forum.