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Wed, Sep 15, 2021 9:32 AM

How do I avoid receiving an email every single freaking time that I login in IMDb???!!!

It totally annoys me. In ANY other website people can control that.

Why on earth can't I set the email preferences so not to receive an email every time? Sometimes more than once a day because my browser is set to delete cookies every time.

This is no security, this is modern paranoia and a form of harassment.
I just saw that IMDb belongs to Amazon now.
They're even worse.
Every login I receive an email, an sms and a notification of their app.
Not even my mother was this invasive.




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2 d ago

Hello there @Oppa7 ,

If you'd rather not receive messages from IMDb, please select 'Unsubscribe' at the bottom of the message you've received. 

You can also manage your email preferences on the page here.


However, please note that these are measures we take to reinforce your security.


Thank you for your understanding.

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Like said, I'm referring to the sign-in emails.

There is no way to unsubscribe from them in that link (which I had already visited before writing, of course).

And there's no unsubscribe link in the emails.

I highly doubt anybody would be interested in my IMDb account. These measures are highly exaggerated.

I know no other website in the whole planet, which does that.

Apart for Amazon. Where it's a bit more justifiable because of the money involved.

But a free IMDb account? Come on.


How do I stop these "new sign-in" emails?