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Mon, Oct 14, 2013 4:55 PM


How deal with notorious trolls resp. troll groups?

Problem: the Evil Dead (2013) board has been subject to trolling of an entire troll group for about half a year now. Their MO: mass bump hate threads on a daily basis with one-liners or just an emoticon, to drown the more meaningful discussion and make it indiscernible to newcomers. Especially is IMDBs standard advice - ignore the troll, which I otherwise can easily do without even hitting the "ignore button" - totally useless in this case.

Another thing they do: impersonate people by copying their username and changing a single letter, and then stalk them across IMDB making fun of their posts and discussions.

An "insider" came recently forward and disclosed that the the well known mootown/ayelewis account is behind this activity. Well known because he's been doing that for years while causing actual damage on the way, as described here

The forum where the troll group organizes their actions is here
and here's a choice quote of aylewis:

"IMDb is the greatest place to troll, because there are so many there that celebrate trolls being nuked. Their frustration and anger upon your return is rolled gold lulz.
It is a very amusing development to know some people spend hours every day....every DAY....reading your every post and either reporting them or sending 1000 word PM's to others "warning" them about you [laugh]
Anybody who hates IMDb is looking at things from the wrong angle. "

which can be found here

Now, these people apparently have an endless supply of cell phone numbers - ayelewis claims he owns a cell phone shop - and accordingly an endless supply of socket accounts. Saying that for the regular user it's impossible to clearly identify, contain or merely ignore these people. More importantly, as things naturally heat up after some time, regular posters run danger to have their precious accounts flagged or nuked.

Now pray tell me: what's the best way to deal with these people? And please don't make the answer "just ignore". We've been through this and it doesn't work.


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