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Wed, Sep 1, 2021 8:30 PM


How can I select more types (f.E. Tv Movies and Feature films) at the same time in the filter?

I can see all the "media" with a selected actor, like here:

And I can filter the type of the media: 

But what, if I want to see all the Tv movies and all the Feature films at the same time? The other checkboxes shouldn't disappear if I check one, but they do.

Thank you! :)

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2 m ago

Just add the extra things to the links.

For example I added &title_type=tvSeries to the movie search link


Here it is again the other way around with me adding &title_type=movie to the end of the TV series search link


They don't even have to be added at the end of the link either, they can be added practically anywhere, but usually after an symbol.

You can also replace things in the links too like companies, with different companies, by changing the 7 digit company number.

Just copy bits from different links, and add them all together to make a search with all the things you're looking for.

I worked all this out around a year ago by myself, before this thread was even posted Contributor tips: Magic URLs | IMDb Community Forums (sprinklr.com)

You can do the same thing with other websites.

For example I can get bigger programme images from websites like the BBC by changing the dimensions in the programme image link.

I can't remember what specific dimensions they were as I haven't done it for a while, but I got the dimensions from other images they had uploaded.

Another example is I can get full size Youtube video images for videos which don't appear on Google Images, even when you paste the video url, by replacing the 11 digit video code in the link for a video which does appear, with the 11 digit video code for a video which doesn't appear.