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Wed, Jul 1, 2015 11:18 AM


Help with search results

This would be the link to all films that have English, Finnish and French language:,fi,fr

How can I get a list of films that have:
EITHER English OR Finnish OR French

Can you help me?




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5 years ago

A very knowledgeable, long time IMDb user, MayorDefacto, sent me this PM with additional information.

Changing the commas to pipes (that vertical bar symbol [|] usually located at the far right of the topmost (QWERTY...) alphabetical line of keys on standard keyboards) will result in a logical OR of the parameters instead of AND. This process cannot be instituted from the user interface. It requires manual adjustment of the URL that results from the standard English AND Finnish AND French search.



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That is an interesting suggestion, but I'm having some trouble here.
Please test and compare the following three examples.

This example with "languages=fi" shows five results:

This example with "languages=en|fi|fr" searches only for English
and therefore shows no results (for the same title word as above):|fi|fr&title=Kone

This example with "languages=fr|en|fi" searches only for French
and therefore shows only one result for the title word "Promises":|en|fi&title=Promises