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Fri, Dec 8, 2017 2:27 PM


Has the Search Titles facility changed?

In the last few days (the recent update?) I've noticed that when I search for a title, either in the main search or when I'm trying to add a title to a list, if I type the British title the drop-down suggestion box shows only the American title.  When I click on that it takes me to the right film with the (original) British title intact.  I'm sure it didn't do this before.  My point is that I will not always know that "The Smallest Show On Earth" is known in America as "Big Time Operators", or that "The Boat That Rocked" is known as "Pirate Radio".  And if I don't know the alternate title I don't know to select that item from the suggestion list.  Can anyone at IMDB help please?

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