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Wed, Oct 2, 2019 11:09 PM


Half point intervals on the rating system instead of a full integer.

I take the imdb rating of a movie as a decent indicator to how a movie will be. As such, I try to rate as much as I can. However I find a full integer difference on a rating system that lists to a decimal point (effectively making it a 100 point rating system) way too big. In other words, one number is too low, but the next too high. I've had many cases where I feel a 7 is too low but an 8 is too high (for example). MANY cases. So I would love to see us able to rate even a half point more (or less) than is currently possible. 5 ->5.5 -> 6 -> 6.5 etc. I feel I would be able to give a more accurate rating of how I felt the film was for me. 

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