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Sat, Nov 20, 2021 12:01 PM


Forced password change ruined my +12 years iMDB account

I never had to change the password of my iMDB account, till last year. Suddently, last year, the website told me to change the password, but I cannot really enter the e-mail account I registered with, because it was a HOTMAIL account deleted by Microsoft years ago.

If I'm forced by iMDB to lose my +12 year account, that means I will lose my numerous ratings, lists, and the dates of doing those things. It would hurt me. 

The "Help" page tells me I have to make a new account... that would really, really, suck.

Can someone help me to recover my iMDB account? The hotmail address is lost, and not because of me, but still, the iMDB website should allow me to retrieve my legitimate account.




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Hello @LeonMonzu


In order to help you, we have sent you a message through your e-mail address. Please check your e-mail and if you have more questions you can reply to us via e-mail.


Have a nice day!