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Thu, Apr 5, 2018 2:56 PM

Fake voting for Nothing to Lose (2018)

'Nothing to Lose" (2018) is a Brazilian movie which is a biography for Edir Macedo, founder of Universal Church  of the Kingdom of God. Besides the film being awful, it has a 10 rating on IMDB. But that's not the problem. The main issue is that the church is running a campaign for it's followers to vote 10/10. The lack of ethical behaviour is clear - not only because Edir Macedo is one of the richest men in Brazil, but the church also bought all theaters tickets so the movie could reach a box office record. There are many articles in Brazilian media showing many movie sessions with not a single person watching but sold out tickets. IMDB should definitely look into this, 'cause it misrepresents and distorts the reality. 

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