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Thu, Mar 28, 2019 3:17 PM

Damn site won't allow me to log in....asks over and over after I sign in.

Why cant I rate shows? Asks me to log in even after I've logged in.


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2 y ago

Hi, Bruce Hochstetler.

Sometimes I love when it's over and over, but your situation is another one for sure. Let's try to solve this together following some steps please:
  1. Try this link to login;
  2. If no success, provide information about your system: application or browser; Win / Android / iOS; and so on.
Thank you

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2 y ago

From what I observe here on GS, it seems to happen once in a while. Some workarounds may be to clear the cache, reboot your browser or force the app closing.

Or you can also search this forum for the proposed relevant solutions!



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2 y ago

Hi Bruce,
It appears according to our records that you have logged in. The issue you experiencing is typically due to an issue with your browser cookies or settings. I would recommend using a different browser, or deleting your cache and cookies and disabling any browser plugins on your current browser before attempting to log in again.

If you are still having trouble, please write us back with the following:

- your device and OS version
- the browsers you experienced this issue with

Thanks in advance!